Allegra’s World: Squirrels!



Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! I know Mom already told you about my not so fun excursion to the dentist. It was scary, and I didn’t feel well for a couple of days, but now my mouth feels so much better! I’m grateful to my Mom for taking such good care of me even when I may not always like it.

But never mind that. I want to tell you about some visitors that come to our deck every day! Mom says they’re called squirrels, and even though she feeds them, she also gets really annoyed with them.


Look at the beautiful fall display she put on our deck. Well, a couple of days after she took that photo, the squirrels had half eaten one of the small pumpkins, and knocked over the plant and eaten some of that. Mom says it’s a good thing they’re so cute.


I don’t know about cute, but I am having fun watching them. Mom says they’re still young, because they’re not fully grown yet. Maybe they’ll start behaving when they’re all grown up?


Kitties, do you get to watch squirrels where you live?

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2 Comments on Allegra’s World: Squirrels!

  1. Yes. My Mom feeds the squirrels for me. She calls it kitty tv.

  2. Allegra we don’t have squirrels but we have birds. Koko loves to watch them especially the black crows

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