Sunday Quotes: Discomfort



Feeling discomfort is part of life. Sometimes, you’re just going to feel out of sorts, weighed down, or just physically or emotionally “off.” Our inclination usually is to try anything and everything to get rid of discomfort. We either try to avoid uncomfortable situation, or we use food, drinks or medication to get rid of it.

Instead of running from that uncomfortable feeling, consider leaning into. Allow yourself to feel the discomfort and see whether there’s a message for you in it.

If you need a little help doing that, I can highly recommend a series of recent meditations featured on the Womens Meditation Network. Some of the meditations are available for free, and she offers several tiers of subscriptions. I’ve had her premium subscription for the past several months, and I love it. I consider those $20 a month an in investment in self-care, and starting my day with these meditations has really shifted my energy in a big way.

Cats already know how to quickly work through any discomfort they may be feeling – they simply stretch, release, maybe take a nap, and get on with life.

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