“National High-Five Day” Gives Shelter Cats A Chance To Shine!


You can teach an old dog new tricks, and the same is true for cats! Shelter cats are often overlooked because they’re shy, scared, and reserved. But all they need is someone to take a chance on them and show them some love. That’s why Greater Good Charities, iHeartCats and Animal Planet’s Jackson Galaxy have teamed up to celebrate National High-Five Day.

In an annual High-Five Day contest, participants help shelter cats learn new tricks like high-fives while also raising money for animals in need. And to add to this amazing cause, iHeartCats has donated toys to bring joy to even more adoptable cats!

Kitten with National High-Five Day donations

What is the Cat Pawsitive National High-Five Day Contest?

2021 marked the third year of the National High-Five Day Contest, part of the Jackson Galaxy Project’s Cat Pawsitive Initiative. Cat Pawsitive is a program that works on training shelter cats to help them seem more “adoptable.” As it turns out, teaching cats to give high-fives isn’t rocket science. Plus, this adorable trick helps them get adopted faster.

Shelter Cat Playing with iHeartCats toy

As for the contest, cat parents are urged to work on their own cats’ high-five skills. Cats who have mastered the high-five are urged to enter a contest for the most creative high-five. And some of the results are just too cute!

Each year, the judges select the top 25 cat high-five videos. Then, viewers vote for the top three. Each of the grand prize winners gets to donate thousands of dollars to the animal organization of their choice. And it looks like 2021 was an incredibly successful and heartwarming competition.

Adoptable Cat High-Fives Toy

Cheering up Shelter Cats with Toy Donations

iHeartCats stepped up to make this uplifting event even cuter. By donating our toys, we’ve helped these cats seem even more “adoptable” to those visiting the shelters. Our toys have helped bring a lot of shelter cats out of their shells.

Cat siblings playing with iHeartCats toys

High-fives are only one way to help cats become more social. Playtime, cuddles, and patience will all help a furry friend warm up to their new home too. All cats are capable of being great companions as long as humans give them a chance. So, next time you’re looking to adopt a cat, don’t forget to meet with the ones that are more shy and fearful too.

The 2021 High-Five Day not only helped cats get adopted but also brought joy to cats all over the country. Be sure to give a special congratulations to the three winners of 2021: Matilda, Birdie & Finch, and Joan. And if your cat is looking for some new, exciting toys, check out the iHeartCats shop too!

Cat Standing up for National High-Five Day

Watch Some Cat High-Fives in Action:

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