Fur Laughs: Cat Sneaks Into Pet Supply Store And Goes Wild In The Catnip Toy Section [VIDEO]


Does your cat love catnip? The kitty in the video above sure does — so much so that she’ll break into the pet supply store to play with all the catnip toys!

Hopefully the video above puts a smile on your face today. And don’t worry! According to the video: “This cat entered the pet store by accident and had the time of her life rolling around in catnip toys! Pure kitty bliss 😀 Oh, and her owner came to pick her up, so all’s well that ends well!”

Cats can have lots of different reactions to catnip, and the kitty in the video definitely had a hilarious one. But did you know some cats don’t have any reaction to catnip at all? Luckily, there are a few plants that can produce similar effects in cats. If your cat doesn’t love catnip, try one of these alternatives.

(Picture Credit: junku/Getty Images)

About 30 to 50 percent of cats don’t react to catnip at all! But they may react to one of these alternatives. Give them a try!

And even if your cat does have a reaction to catnip, the effect only lasts about five to 15 minutes. So it might be good to have some other plants in your arsenal of cat toys.

Does your cat go wild for catnip too? Would your cat break into a store just to play in the catnip aisle? Let us know in the comments below!

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