Mick Jagger Shares Glimpse Of His Shy Cat & Feline Fanatics Want More!


Mick Jagger has long been known for his iconic music career, but here’s something we’re just learning about the Rolling Stones frontman. He’s a cat lover!

This makes his fellow cat groupies want to hit the music streaming scene and find a Stones playlist for a good rock out with their felines.

But before you do, meet Jagger’s cat, Nero. A good portion of the world caught their first glimpse of the rock king’s cat in a recent Instagram post.

The image reveals the 77-year-old cat dad perched on his floral couch with a guitar propped by his knee. The guitar makes sense, but the couch and its tapestry garden were a bit of a surprise. But not so much as the black cat trying to melt away into the upholstery.


Jagger smiled proudly in the photo as he introduced the lens-weary black cat, the caption reading,  “Say hi to Nero, he’s a little camera shy #catsofinstagram

But the little midnight rambler didn’t seem too into his moment of fame. Ah, cats. They live as they will and don’t give a floof for the human agenda! No matter, though, even when our feline beasts of burden aren’t up for our plans, they’re still our treasures.

Who Is Nero?

Now that we’ve caught a glimpse of Nero, we need to know more. How old is he? How did he come to be a part of the Jagger family?

Perhaps Jagger had visions of painting the world black when adopting shy black cat Nero. But of course, there was no melancholy behind his red door, because who could be sad with a cat by their side?

Nero isn’t the only Jagger mystery cat, though. A comment on the photo from Mick’s son, Lucas, 20, said, “I miss Nero and Gus.”

Fans and cat lovers need to know…who is Gus?


What we do know, though, Jagger and family are certainly spending the nights together, curled up with their furry loves. Because what cat parents don’t?  We also know Nero has his mom’s heart as Melanie Hamrick, ballerina and Mick’s girlfriend, commented, “Sweet Nero ❤️.”

Please Mr. Jagger, give us feline fanatics some satisfaction and post more pictures of your cats!

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H/T: www.dailymail.co.uk
Feature Image: @mickjagger/Instagram

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