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고양이들의 건강상태를 소변 색깔 변화로 간편하게 확인 할 수 있다고 하니
고양이들의 건강을 수시로 확인하는데 정말 도움이 될 것 같아요
고양이들 건강 상태에 따라 색깔이 변하는 ‘닥터모래’ 많이 이용해주세요!
‘닥터모래’ 제품은 여기서 구매 가능하다고 합니다!

‘Dr. MORAE’ checks the health of cats by pee color change
I think this will really help me check the health of cats
Please use ‘Dr. MORAE’, which changes color depending on the health of cats!
You can buy this product ‘Dr. MORAE’ in below link

Ninifam Info.

▶ Cat
1st – Xuni ♀ (Aug. 7th. 2019 Munchikin)
2nd – Yuni ♀ (Aug. ?th. 2019 Domestic Short Hair)
3rd – Soni ♂ (Feb. ?th. 2020 Munchikin and American Curl)

▶ People
1st – Coni ♂ ( May. 10th. 1989 Korean )
2nd – Honi ♂ ( Jan. 03th. 1990 Korean )

멤버쉽에 가입하시면 아이들의 미공개 무편집 영상을 보실 수 있습니다!
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Xuni Instagram – http://instagram.com/3nifam
Coni instagram – http://instagram.com/conifam
Honi instagram. – http://instagram.com/honitv

Coni Youtube – http://youtube.com/conitv

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