HELP! We found abandoned kittens!

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Today we came across abandoned kittens! They are only 2 weeks old and covered in fleas and hungry. We have a farm with goats, chickens, pigs, & turkeys, but we’ve never experienced this before! We’d love any advice you have!

Our daughter is so excited because she’s in LOVE with cats. When we got the call, we headed over to rescue the kittens and help save their lives. We brought them home, gave them a flea bath, and started to try to feed them. They are so cute, but really fragile.

In this episode, we also flood irrigated our desert farm, which is an old tradition used by the Hohokam Indians. It seems odd, but this is a very sustainable way of watering our one acre farm here in the desert.

Next up is dinner made fresh from our desert garden. We picked artichokes, onions, & herbs, then brought that in the house and made one of our favorite dishes — Salisbury Steak w/ mashed potatoes, steamed artichokes, and of course, a mulberry cobbler straight from our front yard orchard.

The next day, it was back to chores on our family farm. We milked the goats (we have Nigerian & Nubian breeds), fed the hungry & messy Kune Kune pigs, and took care of the chickens and turkeys. We brought the fresh goat’s milk inside and filtered it so we could drink it.

After all of that, we checked back on the kittens and tried again to feed them. Hopefully they’ll get better and better at drinking milk and we’ll be able to save their lives!




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