Paw-Mazing Pets: Max The Cat Backflips Like An Acrobat [VIDEO]


We’ve all seen cats jump, but watch the amazing Max and his backflip in the video above! He could certainly give professional acrobats a run for their money. Does anyone know if cats can compete in the Olympics?

Our cats are certainly capable of amazing feats. Make sure to give your cat plenty of perches or cat trees so they can astound you with their jumping and climbing abilities. They’ll appreciate the chance to exercise and play!

Max, of course, isn’t the only cat who can jump high. Here are a few facts about cats and their incredible, acrobatic abilities!

(Picture Credit: © Tom Jasny/Getty Images)

Does your cat jump and do flips like Max does in the video? How high can your cat jump? Let us know in the comments below!

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