Modern Cat’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide


The Pura X Smart Litter Box from Instachew helps owners by scooping and cleaning their cat’s litter for them. It scoops up waste and separates it into a bin after every use.

Litter-Lifter’s patented Handy-Holders are the perfect colourful companions to Magic, Pellet, Beamer, and most large scoops. They’re sturdy, compact, hygenic, and versatile. Hang on the litterbox, wall, or snap into the base to use on shelf or floor.

Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat litter neutralizes all odors on-contact thanks to a natural malodor counteractant. Biodegradable, perfume-free, and silica dust-free, Naturally Fresh is good for your cat and the planet.

The new Black Cat Water Fountain from Cocktails and Meows helps keep your cat healthy by encouraging them to drink more! Its unique design is durable, easy to operate and keep clean.

What makes this bowl unique from the rest? With the Fresh Nano Cat Bowl, it is the most optimal shape and inclination angle of the bowl to help your cat build the best healthy eating habits.

ViviPet’s newly released Loki Water Fountain is a unique cat-shaped water fountain that combines functionality and modern design. The perfect source of running water to encourage pets to keep hydrated.

Cat lover on your gift list? Give a veterinary recommended stool (fecal) test from ClueJay. Perfect for indoor or outdoor cats. No vet visit or prescription required. Mailed from home.

UKIKI Freeze-Dried cat food is made with GMO-free, human-grade, raw meat. Made without the use of corn, wheat, soy, sugar, or preservatives. They also make for a great training treat your cat will love!

Primal’s Freeze-Dried Turkey Liver Munchies are made with single-source protein and are a wholesome snack or training treat your cat will adore!

The elegant Swan Fountain from Pioneer Pet Products mimics the same experience as drinking from the faucet. Dishwasher safe and charcoal filtered, your cat will enjoy clean, running water.*

The Sturdi Pop-Up Kennel creates a “zone of safety” for your cat when traveling in the car. It comes with a roomy case, is available in three sizes, and requires no assembly!*

Does your cat shed or struggle with knots in their coat? The vet and groomer recommended Furbliss Grooming Brush is a multi-functional, two-sided brush that is pawfect for deshedding, brushing, massaging, and exfoliating*

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