Healthy Paws


Trim Nails

Why you should trim your cat’s nails: trimming claws will blunt damage to surfaces and the longer the claw, the more your cat will want to scratch to remove the sheath. Safely cut your cat’s nails with Conair’s ergonomically designed cat nail clippers. The soft grip, no-slip design and stainless-steel blades make it a cinch. Just add treats! ($9,

Dental Health

The vet-approved Pet Dental Water additive from OxyFresh makes dental health easy! Simply add to your cat’s water bowl to effortlessly maintain clean teeth between vet visits. ($16,

Ear Health

Zymox Ear Solution is veterinarian recommended for relief of feline ear infections—without antibiotics! This safe, gentle, and natural formulation reduces inflammation and helps problematic ears. ($30,

Immunity Boost

Optimize health and strengthen illness response with Purica’s Immune Pet Immunity Support supplement. This powerful blend of Ashwaganda and medicinal mushrooms detoxifies and enhances immune response. ($48,

Let Food be Thy Medicine

Snappy Tom Natural Cat Food is grain free and contains no artificial additives. Choose from a variety of delicious high protein foods specifically formulated for cats and kittens. ($1.70, web orders to US only,

Good Face

Flush irritants from eyes and ears, plus manage acne and cuts with the Feline Antimicrobial Facial Therapy from Vetericyn Plus. Antibiotic and steroid-free, it helps soothe and prevent infection. ($13,

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