Ep 10 – Cat Health: How To Brush Your Cat’s Teeth

Cat Care
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Today we focus on home dental care and teach you how to brush your cat’s teeth. This episode is the second part of a three part dental series.

Dental disease is the number one feline health problem seen by veterinarians and is the largest single cause of health problems in cats. At home dental care is often overlooked by pet owners until dental issues have already begun to surface. By the time many pet owners realize the need for at home dental care and brushing teeth, their pets have already developed gingivitis, tooth decay, lesions and other oral problems and in some cases, these problems have led to more serious issues with their internal organs such as their kidneys, livers and hearts.

In today’s episode, Arloa learns how to brush her cat’s teeth from Dali, a certified veterinary dental technician from Houndstooth. In addition to demonstrating how to brush teeth, they demonstrate different methods of holding the cat to keep them comfortable while giving the person access to their mouth. They also discuss different devices that can be used to brush a cat’s teeth such as a pet toothbrush, an oral swab (aka sponge on a stick) or a thin cloth; and they talk about whether or not a solution (such as pet specific toothpaste) is necessary. When a solution is preferred or needed, Dali explains the use of a diluted hydrogen peroxide mix and why that mix is preferable over using toothpaste. Once Dali has demonstrated step by step how to brush your cat’s teeth, Arloa then tries it with her cat.

In next week’s episode, Arloa and Dali will discuss professional dental cleanings, what to look for in professional dental hygienists and dental veterinarians and the differences in anesthetic dental cleanings vs. non-anesthetic dental cleanings.

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